Winter's Tale

by - June 26, 2017

Three days after my visa got released, I flew to Sydney right away. Yes, there was a sense of urgency. Aside from personal family reason that needed me to be in Australia, I was yearning so bad to take my career into a much higher level. I had resigned as a staff nurse from the hospital that I used to work for more than four years back then and I was juggling as a product specialist (quite similar as medical representative), private duty nurse and cosmetic clinic nurse. I know my self that I work hard and I felt that no matter how much I try hard in the Philippines, I will never get compensated accordingly. Hard work even filed to boost my morale couple of times. It was like a one-sided love, the passion that you give has not been returning back. However, change is scary. Starting from the scratch is like anxiously getting out from your box, not knowing what kind of monsters out there that awaits you.

I took the risk anyway. There's always bigger and greater out there so leave that lost child behind.

It was my first international travel, and I traveled alone. Aside from that, I arrived on one of the coldest day of winter that Sydney had ever experienced. I was clearly on an adventure from the very beginning.

The first Sydney sunrise that I saw.

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