Oh, why, hello there!

We meet again! My sincerest apologies for my sudden and then eventually became a very long absence without prior and decent notice. It has been almost a decade, 9 years to be exact, since this blog has started.

I was away, juggling work and adulthood, and then, the so called - real world swallowed me whole. I was lost, instead of into the surreal reverie, but into the practicalities that have to be dealt with in real life. Until I forgot what are the things that I have always liked and wanted. I had so many things to do, so many tasks that should be accomplished, so many exams that I needed to pass, etcetera, etectera. I am not  complaining. I know things like those co-exist with us. I just feel like it is about time to take a breather and do the things that I have always wanted. 

I have been through a lot of adventures which may unfold day by day.

To begin with, I met a lot of people, whom names I may not recall but I still could vividly remember how they look like and how they said the words that are incredibly tattooed in my mind. I put them into writing and labeled it as Strangers in Australia. I accompanied the blog entries with photos that I myself took (because I find and pretty and I just like it).

Also, I find myself liking poetry and prose more and more. I had few poems written even before when I was young, and until now, I am still a coy-hearted pencil pusher. A few of my works that I am happy to share are tagged as ProseI paired it with my own photos as I feel like their existence are in parallel to each other, I must have beautiful photos to pair up with my poems. I must have delightful words written to pair up with my photos.

What I am very grateful with Australia is that it made my goals and dreams closer to reality. I have always wanted to see different places and capture remarkable photos. I have started collecting memories and put it into blog entries. To start with, I am featuring the city of Sydney and Melbourne.
Lost pages of my photographs and poetry and I am happy you finally found it.
Cheers for more years of blogging!