Wait Lang

by - July 14, 2017


Here is one of the stupendous things that amaze me when living in Sydney, the things which are whimsically surreal before are closer to reality. 

I was still on the train when I saw Lang Leav's post on instagram. Two hours ago (at the time of viewing), she left a few autographed copies of  her new novel Sad Girls at Dymocks Sydney. Yes, she was there, at the very same bookshop that I have been planning to visit couple of days ago, and the very same bookshop that I have been constantly messaging online, enquiring on how to get the autographed bookmarks which will come along with the said novel. She was there, Lang Leav, one of my favourite authors.

I enthusiastically stopped at town hall train station, walked as fast as I can towards the bookshop but I could feel like I was flying with wings at my back. I was in ecstasy, my cheeks are hurting because I could not stop my self from smiling.

I arrived in the shop as if am a frenzy kid looking for a bucket of lollies. I could tell that I was acting weird since I did not stutter any single English word. One of the staff even joked, "Oh! she did not tell you that she was coming" as he led me to the YA section. Another staff who assisted me to where the books are, vividly shared her encounter to Lang, "You missed her! She was here this morning. She literally just walked pass and casually signed the books".

So, I opened the book and slowly flipped the pages. The distinct smell of the paper made me come up with a theory that maybe books mandate our hypothalamus to release Dopamine. A chemical that can cause addiction. Reading, is certainly addicting. Books can never be replaced by electronic paperless reading devices. Old souls such as I, always prefer the traditional ways.

 I shall now start flipping pages again. Off I go for an adventure.

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