Celsius Coffee Co

by - August 06, 2017

Finding good food is like hunting for treasure. Your wandering feet may get exhausted but it is very exciting and rewarding. Located at Kirribilli, a harbourside subrub, three kilometers north of Sydney Central Business district, Celsius Coffee Co. perfectly sits next to Kirribilli Wharf. It offers both unparalleled food and views. You can find the shop in this subtle alley via Holbrook Avenue, which will head you towards Kirribilli Wharf.

A view from the wharf, Celsius Coffee Co. would look very small outside but inside the shop, the place is so vivid, it's energy is contagious but in a serene way (Photo above). The view from the inside, it is a good place to stop and stare, think, relax, recharge, and appreciate the beauty of the city (Photo below).

When you eat slowly, you are also feeding you soul. What I had was Celsius waffle with assorted berries, maple syrup, lovely surprises of toasted nuts at the bottom, peanut butter cream in the middle, topped with edible flowers and sublimely concluded with sugar icing. I asked the cook if he made the cream, and he said, they all made the food from the scratch. 

Instagram helped me to find this shop. Social media is a very good medium to connect with people nowadays. There are a lot shops that would overate what they can offer, and it is more credible to get information directly from the people. Yes, there is a lot of sense of randomly scrolling your phones and yes, I am very happy that the shop reached my expectations. 

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