Watkins Family Farm

by - July 02, 2017

After one hour and thirty minutes drive from the city, if you didn't get lost or your gps has been perfectly giving you directions, you can reach Watkins Family Farm. Located at Laughtondale, the place cannot be reach using public transport and some roads could be steep or narrow, a bit challenging honestly. However, if you want to escape the city buildings and loves experiencing new things, this could be a must in your adventure list.

On your way there, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Hawkesburry River could offer. Aside from that, there are heaps of farm lands and beautiful houses that you thought could only be seen on television. One particular farm house that I could vividly remember was the one which was elevated from the ground and was made of wood and glass. It looks very sophisticated and classy but with warm touch of nature. It was located very close to the river too. It must be lovely to spend a night there, too bad I was not able to take a photo.

The farm has over 2000 fruit trees, which means there is plenty of fresh mandarins for everyone! There is no entrance fee but an adult visitor must have an empty bucket upon entering in which will be used for fruit picking. It cost us $7.50 per bucket at the time when we went there. 

There are plenty of tables and chairs near entrance where people can have their lunch or afternoon tea. I would recommend that you should bring food of your own as the farm does not sell any. Another downside would be the toilets. If you want to open you bladder, you have to queue in a very long line as the number of toilets could not suffice the number of visitors. 

In conclusion, I would still recommend this activity. A countryside activity such as fruit picking, which is far different from the hustle and bustle life in the city,  is always a great family and friends bonding. 






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