Aberlour Court

by - September 12, 2017


Located at 462 Victoria Parade, Aberlour Court is a beautiful secret gem of east Melbourne and indeed a fantastic discovery. By just around 10 minutes away from the Central Business District of Melbourne, it is a very convenient place to stay as it is close to bus stops, tram stop court, and North Richmond metro train station. A slight drawback would be is that it can be a little noisy at night. It did not really bother me that much since I was too tired and had a good sleep from the city tour and sight seeing walks through out the day. Aside from that, it also walking distance close to a fast food shop (for quick breakfast), pub ( late night chill) and a grocery shop that closes at 11pm - it is where we bought our MYKI, Victoria's transportation card.

 A cozy vibe welcomes you upon entering the apartment. It was modern, neat and tidy that you can comfortable move around. The bedrooms gave me a homey feeling. With its soft and spacious beds, it was so nice to snuggle and relax after the delayed plane travel from Sydney. A generous delight surprise was hidden in the cupboards where are numerous pillows, woolen blankets and quilts. I was very happy with the idea that there was a terrace that connects the two bedrooms. Chairs are provided outside the rooms, great use for cooling down after strolling around the city. There was a terrace outside the dinning area too. Although we did not use it, I could imagine setting up a mini garden if I would to live there in a much longer period. Speaking about the Kitchen, I was very impressed with its minimalist effect as most of the stuffs were hidden in the cupboard - including the fridge! 

The living room has its big comfy sofa bed and centralized heater that will help you keep nice and warm against Melbourne's eccentric temperature.  If security is your main concern, the apartment is secured with a key and 4-digit code in which you must enter inside the separated room for codes. Aside from that, vehicles can be parked inside Aberlour's compound. 

During my stay here, it gave me an idea of how I wanted my own flat would be. It was like a home away from home. However, another drawback worth mentioning is that Internet access was quite slow and unsatisfying in my opinion especially whenever I enter my bedroom. Internet was somehow fine but once I move away from the living room I often experience loosing the connection.

Overall, it was a great experience to stay in Aberlour Court while in Melbourne. I would definitely stay there again and highly recommend it to the readers.

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