Maybe, Just Maybe

by - April 22, 2018

I was rowing in a mysterious
Melancholic malign mississippi maze

The master of fate managed to mingle
And tangle our melody in semi-
Mischievous ways

Not because I was in misery
But maybe because he wanted me
To march on with life, magically

As I aimlessly wander, I wonder
How you,
Marvelous Gemini
Able to paint magenta
In my moonlit skies

And so I got tongue tied
And so I  got mesmerized
How miraculous our path had crossed
Even if we are from the other sides

You would figure out that maybe
I was just using maybe
To mimic the sound of your name

That i'm incapable anymore
To muster my midnight thoughts
Reason being you kept on repeating
Inside my brain

Or maybe you would realize that “we”
Do not have to be just a maybe,

And that we
Can let go of May-
And just let us -be

Shall we?

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  1. Have you been hurt but nobody console you?
    You are angry but you can't let anyone know
    You control the pain. It hurts.