Why travel?

by - September 28, 2010

I know you’ve heard that most of the answer is “why not” but I’m telling you, you’ve got to travel because you are about to meet a very significant person in your life

I understand that it’s scary to be in a place that you are not familiar with but are you really satisfied to live a life that everything seems to be a routine? Like every time your clock alarms to wake you up, you take a bath, eat breakfast, go to work, then go home, chat a little with friends and family, eat dinner, sleep then wake up again. So where is the fun? Where’s what we call “living the life to the fullest”?, when everything seems to be just the way it is. 

Life can be dangerous enough to live but lets seek into something anything but ordinary. Life is too beautiful to go to waste. Don’t let the person in you, that is full of hesitations and is coward become the reason to get outlived by others. One of the things that scare me is that, I am going to die before I get the chance to live the life as I want to. We only get one chance to live (it’s a different case if you believe in reincarnation), so make the most out of it!

Back to the reason that I mentioned earlier why you ought to travel, I was taking about a significant person that you need to know more than anyone else, his interests and dislikes, his strengths and the things that he need to improve at and most importantly to discover what does he really wants in life, his goals and dreams that he wish to achieve. Now, I’m not talking about a knight in his shining armor, this doesn’t involve about having a romantic relationship (but if your lucky, it’s highly likely that you’ll meet the man of your dreams!). In my case I should use the word her instead of his because that significant person that I was talking about is no one else but myself

Traveling is like a retreat, a time to suppress everything that gives you stress and just focus on things that deserve a bigger issue in your life, like your philosophies and rediscover how beautiful life is. Go and explore the world and get to know your self more!

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