Pretending to be Adult

by - August 12, 2010

One of my posts was featured on a blog site which is owned by SuperBianca also known as the television host, Bianca Gonzalez. I really admire her blog since it is very inspirational and also she features her travel adventures. The amazing thing is that, she never or rarely talk about her work. Last September was her 7th blog anniversary and she invited her readers to share a moment in their lives that forced them to grow up, and the life lesson learned because of it. I am very happy that she featured my story in  which she called, living a daily challenge. It's very heartwarming to know that people are inspired on what I have written.

"Hi Bianca, 

I graduated college at 19, became a licensed professional at 20, and currently having my so-called superhero training in one of the hospitals in our country that cater the largest number of patients.

It was around 2 months ago when I was still an ordinary human creature. I sleep late, wake up lake, eat brunch, surf the net, movie marathons, then sleep late, wake up late again… it was a cycle of worry free and stressless lifestyle. A Bum Life! Things were so simple.

Everything changed when I started to save lives and joined this hospital training. I have to wake up before the sun shines and be very mindful on how I spend my 24 hours. When I step in the hospital, it was like there’s a transfiguration in my whole being (like how cars transform into robots in Transformers). At 20, I am forced to act like a real adult. In my career, there is no space for weaklings, no errors should be committed, I have to work efficiently and accurately, in short…close to perfection.

There were couple of times when I witness people fighting for their last breathes, there were also some instances when I need to comfort patients who were informed that there’s no cure for their illness and they just have to wait for their death. I’ve also seen some people crying their lungs out as doctors pronounce that their loved ones already have left them. 

In my head, I would ask myself, What in the world is going on? Isn’t it, it was just few months ago when I was so carefree? And in a sudden, I’m standing on the real world, pretending to be adult, compressing chest to assist the heart on pumping blood, teaching parents how to take care of their sick children, inserting needles on veins for fluids, and during my free time I still have to read about the medical cases that I encounter and familiarize the medicines that I give. This whole situation is frenzy, It's emotionally, physically and intellectually challenging. But this is how I choose my life to be. Although I agree to you that at 20’s, we are confused on what we really want in life. I myself want to do a lot of things too, like pursuing photography, writing books, travel the world and study philosophy. I think, when you decide do something, you really have to make a commitment to stand by to that decision, no matter what it takes. I decided to become a superhero, and if I have to grow up fast to become a hero, then I will.

Life can teach us lessons in brutal or weird way. God does not throws things on us that he knows we can’t surpass. So whenever were on a plight, I believe we are still blessed. We should keep thinking positive because for sure, he is preparing us for something better and greater out there."

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