Breenhold Gardens

by - May 04, 2017

This Autumn, I was able to spend a weekend getaway to the far west of Sydney. Breenhold Gardens is located at Mount Wilson which belongs to Blue Mountains City Council. An hour and 50 minutes of tricky driving was very much worth it. Seeing the different kinds of trees on shade of autumn was such a divine experience. This is one of the things the amaze me living here in Sydney, two hours of driving away from the busy city and tall buildings can lead to a completely different world. 

Your legs must be very good in walking though since the sum of the gardens is 45 hectares. Bringing your own food is essential too since I have not seen some shops near by where you can buy your meal. Near the parking space, there is a wide picnic area where you can rest your wandering exhausted feet.


Breenhold Gardens comprises 45 hectares of luxuriant gardens, parkland and native bushland. Over the past 40 years several thousand exotic and indigenous trees and flowering shrubs have been planted. Northern hemisphere varieties blend with native tree ferns and towering eucalypts. Six individual stone walled gardens, several with pools, are focus points of Breenhold. A series of pine forest windbreaks extending over a kilometre adjacent to the National Park provide protection from the occasional high mountain winds. This outer area features a number of terraced bush trails and forest walks which contrast to the more formal gardens on the plateau above. There are also stunning views over the adjoining Blue Mountains National Park from several of Breenhold's lookouts. Source

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